KPH och YES Award nominerade Staden är Din som social innovation

“Vi blev nominerade, till KPH och Yes award, som nordisk social innovation i Danmanrk. Nu är vi tillbaka och tacksamma för den fantastiska erfarenheten och alla nya vänner och nätverk”

Daniel Terres and Paul Alvarado Mendoza co-grounders of Reach participated in the Yes Award and ‘KPH award in Danmark, were The city is Yours (staden är din) got nominated as an social innovation. We also worked for the Yes challenge (Young Engineers Solutions 2013). The prototypes created during the Yes award are now on exhibition at CEO Danish Design Centre. The YES Award was about 11 challenges set up by Roskilde Festival, 100 engineers, 50 creative minds, 3 days with workshops creating 11 solutions.
YES 2013 is a competition and a prototyping workshop for young people that want to help solve specific environmental and social challenges. The objective is to make 150 creative young people from around the world work together on specific solutions for sustainability problems. Read more at

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