Results of our event/project Nordic Mashdown

En sammanfattning på engelska av Nordic Mashdown

During the event we raised money for SOS-childrens villages (SOS-barnbyar).We use dance and charity as a way to connect with the community and spread healthy values such as solidarity and unity.

The association REACH Presents

Reach-1vs1 International hiphop battles ”Nordic MASHDOWN”

Date: 11 oktober, 2013, Place: Frilagret,Lagerhuset. Entrance:FREE,  Goal: to raise money to the organization SOS-children villages and inspire the youth to solidarity and the responsability we have when it comes to lead social change.


Marcio- Portugal  Wave- Estonia  Stina- Sweden

Dj: Combat – Octagon crew(sweden)

”Great 8” invited dancers

Boris- Kinetic Soul- Denmark Marika- Cleva crew- Finland Sashdilla- Octagon crew- Sweden Poogi- Leftsound crew- Sweden Ayub- Strawhat crew- Denmark Nyoka- Leftsound crew- Norway Ckaramel- Mad SouL’droiz- Finland/Morocco Mariella- Sweden

Result : We raised 7 040 kr  and had 500 visitors during the event

Winner: Sashdilla- Octagon crew

Here is pictures from the event! Photos by: Paria and Donoso

Please like us on facebook and become a Reach member for free to support our cause.

BIG THANKS to Devote Frilagret , Daub store ,

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