The KICK-OFF for “Staden är Din” was DOPE!

We are so happy for how our KICK OFF went down. We are so grateful for all the love, support and the positive respons that we got from all of you!

We have put a lot of heart into realizing this project, we hope you all felt it and that you all got home with many good memories. BIG thanks for the all the dancers that came and showed their skills! We had people from Gothenburg, Borås, Uddevalla, Halmstad, Malmoe, Växjö, Jönköping, Stockholm, Uppsala, Denmark, Finland, Holland, UK, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Belgium!! The inspiration you brought to Gothenburg will give new energy to the scene to keep on evolving! Thanks to Dj Jebel for bringing them dope beats! Much love to all of our volunteers that made a great job during the event. Thanks to KulturATOM, Frilagret, KulturUngdom, Devote and Fryshuset for making the event possible! Thanks to our sponsors Street Corner, T-shirt store and N-store for supporting the event and the Hiphop culture. Last but not least thanks to Magali and José for the “Saltenas”!! 

This is only the beginning. Make sure to follow us at Reach Sweden and

More footage is coming out during the week. STAY TUNED!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by: Iza Boethius

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